9 Reasons Structured Cabling is Important for Business

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In the recent years, the business technology has gone wireless, so structured cabling systems are still playing a major role of IT infrastructure.

About Structured Cabling

A complete cabling system and hardware that provides a complete telecommunications infrastructure. The infrastructure serves a range of uses, such as transmit data through a computer network. Here we will discuss about why structured cabling is essential for business phone systems

Scalable & Easy to fix issues

Easy to manage, you can add new machines to your IT environment. When your business grows and you want to buy new computers or to add any new video conferencing, it can be done without interrupting your daily performance. If there is any issue in an office with multiple cabling systems, it is really difficult to figure out but using structured cabling systems we can solve the issues as soon as possible because it is unified & segmented.

Long Life

Due to the cables high quality that supports business telephone system, it runs long enough to support without any issues. Due to fiber optic cable length sprint, high standard noise resistance, and speed - this is the first choice for business telephone system. There are many categories in which category 5 and 6A that support the run of up to 100 meters without any noise that gives you more flexibility in laying out the facility and reduces the number of repeaters. Eliminating the repeaters and hubs will make the network more reliable and thus it reduces the investment in this equipment.

Aesthetically Agreeable

Think in a way like when a client arrives at your office for a meeting and if he or she see a mess of tangled wires by each electronic device in the office. Its really a bad look. If it preplanned cabling systems, then it will be hidden from plain sight. Even if they are visible, they are neatly bundled and plugged into their respective machines.

Quick Transmission

The data speed will be very fast when you use structured cabling. Category 6A cable supports up to 10-Gigabits per second, while category 5e supports 100 Mbps. Experts wont suggest category 3 for this type of data transmission due to its slow speed and high volume of noise.

IOT Collaboration

Internet of things refers the connection of any device, whether it may be a smartphone, or smart car, to the internet. IOT enabled devices are more common in the workplace. Structured cabling combined with IOT to achieve benefits such as,

Cyber Security Options
Automation of key business operations
Energy management

Minimizes Risk of Downtime

When will workflow disruptions cause? - At risk of human error and due to unorganized cabling structures, and network downtime. A well planned cabling system means easy to troubleshoot, identify, and rectify faults quickly.


Messed cabling systems are downright unsafe. With unorganized cables there is a high chance of,

Trips and falls
Electrical shocks


If a business is planning to stay around then this structure cable is a great investment for your future. It carries a high bandwidth that wont be outdated in short span of time. This cable system works well with emerging applications and technologies.

Cost Effective Solution

The cable is highly flexible and scalable network will provide a continuous flow of information and able to cope with high demands. This boosts the productivity and drives business success. One simple cabling system that reduces power, maintenance costs, thus it eliminates time and money spent on locating and rectifying issues.

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