PABX Installation

PABX Installation

We are one of the leading PABX installation in Abu Dhabi. Effective communication within an organization paves the way for better growth of the organization. To enhance your communication within your organization we, Gemtech Technology Solutions provide you with a full-fledged PABX installation and maintenance service in Abu Dhabi. We already top the list of companies that provide unique networking, software and digital marketing solutions around the world. We promise you to provide an excellent installation and service. There may be a lot of questions popping up in your mind. Without much ado let's see how we work.

What is PABX?

Private Automatic Branch Exchange or PABX is used by many companies to make internal and external calls with a single contact number. Once you install PABX, you will be provided with a host contact number and many other extension contact numbers which will connect to the host contact number. You can post the host contact details on your website and transfer the calls to the extension contact numbers easily. You can use this service to make internal and external calls, to record calls to monitor calls and to send voicemails and so on. It is very reliable and user-friendly.


Why you should install PABX in your organization?

An organization has a lot of departments and providing the contact details of each and every department to the customers is a tedious task. In this neo-technological era, everybody loves to get instant solutions for their requirements. By installing PABX, you can customize the host contact number and you can easily make internal and external calls. The calls can be managed either manually or automatically. You can either use a recorded voice to facilitate your customers and manage the calls or assign a particular team to carry out the task according to the size of your organization. PABX will definitely assist you to not only make calls but also record and monitor calls.

Why us?

We are setting a high standard for customer service. We put the needs of our customers ahead of everything else. We will analyze your requirements to have a better understanding and to give the best service to you. We will install PABX and provide the best maintenance service to you. We provide a traffic-free networking service which is easy to access. Our flexible PABX service includes facilities like:

To experience the best PABX installation and maintenance service, give us a call and you can find us waiting near your doorsteps to serve your purposes.

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