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CCTV cameras (closed circuit television cameras) have been around since the 1970's and as the technology has improved surveillance system also matured.

Analogue CCTV systems have been the default choice for both home and business surveillance for decades. They are still remain the top selling security camera type security camera market. However things are quickly changing in recent time and with all the added functionality of IP cameras and their falling costs, IP cameras age getting popularity and looks to pass CCTV cameras in a very short time span.

Both IP camera systems and CCTV security camera systems offering unique pluses and minuses. The main benefits and negatives for each system are set out below

Benefits of CCTV camera


  • CCTV systems are totally on site therefore they are not open to the network and connection problems usually faced by IP cameras

  • Used for over 4 decades, CCTV cameras have gone though many technical progressions and enhancements

Cost effective

  • CCTV camera systems are considerably cheaper to purchase and install than similar quality IP camera systems

CCTV camera negatives

Low resolution

  • The maximum level of resolution for CCTV cameras is 0.4 megapixels and yes in a world where 16 mega pixel cameras come standard on smartphones, it's worthless.
  • Low resolution can be a huge disadvantage when trying to zoom videos when in need.

Benefits of IP camera

High resolution

  • IP cameras produce images with high quality, which are good for zooming videos and images without obvious loss in quality.

  • Remote viewing

  • IP cameras are able to be viewed remotely using computers/laptops or smartphones

  • Wireless networks

  • IP cameras can easily be linked together with other IP cameras to provide full site surveillance without the need for additional wiring

  • Encryption and interfacing

  • IP cameras provide secure data transmission though passwords, encryption and interfacing

  • IP camera systems negatives

  • Costs
  • While costs of quality IP cameras system are gradually decreasing it will still cost about double of what you would pay for a similar level analogue CCTV system.

  • Network reliant

  • IP cameras transmit data through networks, this leaves them open to possible connection outages and problems.

Summary and Recommendations

While inexpensive IP cameras are now available, before purchasing it pays to thoroughly understand the encryption and security features of your cameras while transmitting data.

Buyers should carefully weigh the importance of the 3 main factors when deciding between installing CCTV security cameras or IP security cameras for their own situation

1. Cost
2. Reliability
3. Remote accessibility

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