Cloud based Applications can do more with less

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Business application development began with desktop applications, which could only be usedon a single computer (laptop or a desktop) or used by multiple machines in a networked environment. However, with the advancement of internet, Cloud application development gained importance. Many desktop applications are moving to the cloud. One reason is that cloud applications are often less expensive, simple to manage, and easy to update and use. Since a browser is the most used tool for end users, many find it convenient to work with a browser based application. Both Desktop and Cloud based applications have advantages and disadvantages.

Software installation

One of the biggest advantages to cloud applications is that no installation is required on individual computers whereas desktop applications are to be installed separately on each computer. Updating the applications to be done on every single computer while cloud applications needs to updated only on the server.

First and foremost with a POS system,newly introduced Value Added Tax in UAE(VAT), shall accurately calculated and tax returns shall be submitted without enormous manual work. Apart from this great benefit you will also be able to manage your stock, provide computer printed bills to your customers, identify fast and slow moving items, understand the reorder levels are a few among numerous advantages of having a POS implementation in your retail business.In addition to the all mentioned benefits above, having a POS system simply makes your store(s) look more professional.

Resource utilization

In cloud applications, most of the heavy processing is done on the server side, which minimizes the requirements on the end user system configuration. Desktop applications require high memory and processing speed because mostly the processing is done on the user side.

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Platform independence

Desktop applications have to be developed for multiple platforms, such as Windows, Android, Mac etc. and specific hardware like Computer, Mobile devices etc. Since cloud applications shall be accessed on the browser, they run smoothly across various platforms and devices.

Networking capabilities

One of the key advantages of the desktop application is its independence from internet connectivity and bandwidth considerations. Cloud applications rely upon the internet speed and content rendering.

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One of the biggest disadvantage in cloud computing is having lack of proper information on location of the data, data encryption method, and confidentiality of the cloud service provider. Considering these factors, users may hesitate to place their sensitive information on the servers of third party providers.

Having considered the basics of desktop and web application development, the selection of a suitable type will depend on the business needs and factors discussed in the comparisongiven above. If you would like to learn more about Desktop, Web or Mobile Application development or to have a one to one free consolation , please contact us.