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Shifting to Office 365 comes with many key features and benefits. Your organization gets to continue to use the same software that you have been using for years, but with many additional features and importantly no hassle of managing and maintaining. It will also allow you to work anywhere and on any device. You work on the latest version of Office applications always because Microsoft updates office d monthly with exclusive features and security improvements


Productivity is one of the most important feature of office 365. Microsoft has invested heavily and spent a lot of time to make the user and administrator experiences of Office 365 as easy and simple as possible. The idea behind is ease of use and simplicity makes greater productivity. Microsoft takes the load of managing and makes it so easy for you to use so that you can focus on your business and became more productive.


Another key feature is you can assess your enterprise software over the Internet has some big advantages. All you need is a device — desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone — and an Internet connection. Since the software is running in a Microsoft data center, you simply connect to the Internet to access the software.

Another benefit is that you can access the data which is centrally located. When you make changes to a document from your laptop at home and then your colleague views the file from his phone. Gone are the days of e-mailing documents between colleagues and machines.

With SharePoint Online you can collaborate documents, calendar and tasks. You could use Yammer for implementing enterprise social network. Security can be as strict or as lenient as desired. For example, you may want everyone in the organization to be able to see a company policy document but only want a select group of individuals to edit the document. In addition, SharePoint takes care of all the versioning and even lets you check out a document to edit so that nobody else can edit it at the same time.


With Microsoft taking on all the responsibility for security and reliability, your IT team can be relaxed on the concerns regarding security and vulnerability. Microsoft has gone out of its way to create an unprecedented level of control and security for administrators.

What Gemtech Can Do

Gemtech IT Solutions is one among the office automation companies offering integration services to integrate your on-premises AD or Azure AD with Office 365 user accounts in the cloud. We can also help you integrate Office 365 with PowerApps that will help you with data sharing. This will reduce the burden on the in-house IT service because of the cloud-based service and the ease of an IT setup that works just the way it works on-premises.


We have experience in develop customized intranet portals by using SharePoint tool available in Office 365. You can create portal fir department as well as project management. We can also setup Enterprise social media platform using another office 365 tool called Yammer.

Extranet Portals

We can also setup extranet portals for all external stakeholders of your organization like vendors and customers that your company deals with.

Document Management System

Office 365 can serve as a Document Management tool, allowing users to search for relevant documents.

Corporate Branding

Set up a complete online presence for your business using Office 365. We can help you to customize the Office 365 sign in page with color and images of your choice. This makes publishing and managing content and allows other people to access the site with a URL and domain of your choice.